For those of you who have heard my permullet story, you know that my mom was super into the organic lifestyle back in the day. So lets's just say when it came to lunch no one wanted to trade me their white bread PB&J with Doritos for my alfalfa sprout on wheat with fig bars. #StillTraumatized. (really hoping this trade works out a little better than it did back then).

So maybe you've read my book, "Digital Persuasion" and you've been seeing your own incredible results using my PUB method. Yay!  Maybe you've even spent a day at the Social Media Spa. Maybe your organization has hired me to deliver a high-level keynote at your convention or create field training videos around "one to many" persuasive content. Yay, yay, yay.

Your success stories are #MyWhy so keep 'em coming please!

Now that you've mastered and trained your team on the social MARKETING basics, now it's time to show your team exactly how they can practically implement the PUB method when it comes to their social SELLING basics.

(social marketing = one to many)

(social selling = one to one) 

We're talking about that one to one persuasion power that you CAN'T see because it mostly takes place in what we call "dark social" or the exchanges that are private and not public.

Yep, their persuasive marketing posts have teed them up for their big chance to score a powerful sales conversation.

But exactly WHAT should your team be typing to move that person from "meh" to "more info please?"

who wants to  trade?

Here's what I'm offering...

Learn how to teach your team to:

- Prospect strategically 

- Comment in a "non-creepy" way that builds genuine relationships

- Use direct messaging in a way that doesn't feel icky, old-school, cheesy or annoying.  Instead, send messages that feel cool. Normal. Human. Empathetic. EXCITING. Different. Mysterious. PERSUASIVE.

I'm offering a "train the trainer" deep-dive program for network marketing leaders to understand TACTICALLY and SPECIFICALLY how to teach their downlines to rock their DM's (and all other "one-to-one" digital scenarios). 


big deal training trade 

how The Big Deal trade works 



- a 45-minute live training session from Erin for your next team meeting! 
(Value $10,000 USD)

- 10 FREE The Social Media Spa logins
( Value $ 1,970 USD) 

- Promotional video and social media posts to promote this exciting special event to your team


Tell your friends about the trade, and if THREE sign up, you'll automatically be upgraded to receive a gift box with Big Deal Energy swag, free signed copies of the Big Deal Diary, and an exclusive, early-access invite to my Big Leagues VIP community! 

Together, we help women (and a few good men) LEVEL up how they SHOW up to BLOW up their businesses (and truly love their lives!)

We teach our fellow leaders how to teach THEIR teams to evolve their sales systems for even more success in today's dramatically different online landscape.  

We play big on Team Abundance (not Team Scarcity!) because women EMPOWER women. 


do you have an affiliate program if I get other leaders to sign up for one of the training trades?

what if i have more questions? 

Heck yes! If you refer 3 friends who join the Big Deal Training Trade, you'll be upgraded to receive a free gift box with Big Deal Energy swag, Big Deal Diaries and an exclusive invite to my Big Leagues VIP community! 

Email and you will hear from Emily or Jess within 12 hours! 

is this training live or pre-recorded?

Live (on a Zoom, not a stage).

You can choose either a Digital Persuasion 2.0 how-to talk or a Big Deal motivational talk. 

5 Free lifetime access logins to The Social Media Spa! (Value $1,970.00 USD) Team leaders like to use these as giveaways! 

Frequently Asked Questions

what else DO I GET besides the the training?

I've already seen you speak many times, will this be all-new content?

YES!! So fresh and so clean clean. 

I'm creating this training specifically for this trade from the DM's I've gotten over the last year from network marketing leaders who are looking for more tactics and specifics not covered in my current library of content. We're rolling up our sleeves and presenting ALL NEW sales strategies with custom, specific network marketing examples (not corporate like in my book).  

From being broke and unable to pay a cell phone bill to running social media for The Oscars and the US Navy to starting a tampon-delivery service: let's just say it's been a wild ride. Throughout MANY trainwrecks and a few wins, I've gathered some personal and professional nuggets that I'd love to share with you. Maybe you can use them, maybe you can tweak them, maybe they'll inspire you to create a completely new direction! Whatever happens, I know two things: #1- I'm stoked you're here. #2- Helping you succeed in your head, heart and wallet is My Why. So let's get this party started, shall we?

I'm a 3x digital entrepreneur and author obsessed with helping you show up more audaciously and persuasively online and offline. 

Hi, I'm Erin!